Attention 2 Detail | Testimonials
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What Our Customers Say About Us..

I first visited Paul for work on my white E92 M3 in October, 2013; I consider myself to be a very particular person and take pride in keeping my vehicles clean so I was cautiously optimistic for the results he could deliver. In a matter of one week my low-mileage E92 was truly looking perfect, I was more than delighted.

Paul’s approach and knowledge of all things automotive paint and paint correction are something to marvel at. His care and passion for perfection makes him an absolute pleasure to work with as well as a true authority within the industry. I’ve been just as equally impressed as he’s completed corrections on the two vehicles I’ve had since and wholly recommend his talents.

Mason O’Lennick
For over 5 years, Attention 2 Detail NW has been correcting, coating, and maintaining the paint on my last 4 cars. If you’re looking for a run-of-the-mill detail shop that will charge you a few hundred dollars, look elsewhere. Paul, the owner, is truly passionate about his work and it shows. Attention 2 Detail NW caters to the most discerning clientele who truly appreciate the best for their car. And the results speak for themselves – my car always comes back looking truly amazing.

Paul helped educate me on how true paint correction was much different than the “exterior buffing” services provided by an in-and-out detail shop. It can take a lot of time but when done correctly, the results are outstanding. Take your now-perfect paint and add a coating and you’ll have tremendous protection from the elements in the Pacific Northwest. This has been a great business relationship which will continue long into the future.

Ryan S
I recently purchased a new vehicle and was shopping for aftermarket paint protection. I wasn’t sure if I needed a ‘coat’ type of product or ‘plastic’ wraps.

I reached out to a few vendors in the area for input. Paul from Attention 2 Detail was very responsive to my queries and honest about what each of the products would do (and not do) for me and recommending the best in class for each of the categories.

Given my current personal situation, physical protection was more important than chemical protection which is only reason I didn’t take my business to Paul.

I can tell Paul is honest person and well versed in his specialty. I would recommend him to anyone in the area.

Nicholas Devaud
I can’t recommend Paul’s detail and correction skills enough! Having experienced and seen the results of his handiwork on exotic cars, new cars, driven cars as well as collectibles, I am extremely impressed. I’m happy that he makes those skills available to us and would recommend ATD NW, all day long! I can easily say that I would not consider taking my vehicles anywhere else…
James O’Lennick
Best of the best! Paul is by far one of the most honest detailers in the area. Very detail oriented, great customer service, always there to answer questions, and keeps you well informed on status of the detail. He will have my business when it comes to my detailing needs! Thanks Paul!
Nima Sabahi

First off I have to say that I am not one to write reviews. With that said, Paul’s work deserves recognition. I normally do all my own detail work ,but decided to see if it could be taken to the next “level” of shine. I saw a lot of other detail businesses out there when I was referred to Paul by an acquaintance. I’m GLAD I was…

Let me tell you that I thought I was doing my vehicle justice and there is SO much more than I anticipated! Paul explained his procedure and what paint correction was and I was sold. It was not cheap but man was it worth it! I could swear my ride looked like it was made out of glass. I really give Paul credit with his skills and knowledge. He takes perfection to a new level and leaves any other detail that I’ve seen or had look cheap by comparison. If you are looking for perfection and attention to detail (pun intended) I HIGHLY recommend going to his shop, even if its a bit of a drive. It’s well worth it!

Ryan Wiswall

This was the best car detail I have found that costs less than the competitors. I will definitely be a long time customer as I love having my car look brand new every time I bring it in!

Nick C.

I’ve had 2 cars detailed here without an issue. The owner is a true car enthusiast and will go above and beyond what I’ve experienced at other shops. Don’t think twice about bringing your vehicle – it will be in good hands!


Excellent job! I’ve had quite a few details done by other businesses and Paul lives up to his business name by having an impeccable attention to detail. I was most impressed with the paint lusture he was able to restore. I will definitely come to him for all my details from here on out and will recommend him to anyone. Hands down, the best in the area!

Ryan W.

I was referred to Paul by a friend of mine and I have to say that Paul lives up to his reputation as someone who is passionate and skilled at their craft. I had him do some minor paint correction on my weekend driver and it’s amazing how clean the paint is now. Would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Jeff M.

Jeff M.

First off, thank you Paul for all your hard work. I’m not a person to write comments, but I have to take the time to give my appreciation for a person with such skills as yours. You’ve surely exceeded my expectations and have my recommendation and business where ever I go.

Thanks Again,

Kris L.

Paul recently did my Corvette and his amazing work prompted me to write a review since work of this quality seems to be long forgotten in the auto detailing industry. I’ve had cars detailed at a few other local ‘production-type’ shops and while they always came back looking clean – they often just masked over troublesome areas. Attention2detail goes above and beyond to really make the paint look beautiful – it has as much depth, reflection, and is as smooth and clean as when it rolled off the assembly line.

I am beyond impressed with the work done here. Rightfully so, this is the only place I’ll bring my vehicles in the future.


Brought Paul my Carbon Black M3 for an exterior detail. As this car had only ever been hand washed and hand waxed, I thought the paint was in pretty good condition with only a few minor swirls, not realizing that over time the surface had become slightly clouded. While I expected to see some improvement, Paul’s paint correction work proved to be a real transformation and made dramatic improvement to the appearance. The exterior now has a head turning deep gloss and luster that is probably better than original showroom. The wheels and all other minor, hard to get at surfaces were also done well. In short this was really concours quality work.

Paul was also extremely knowledgeable on industry methods, tools, and products. His approach to paint correction is conservative and he takes pains to avoid compromising existing surfaces and to maintain long term protection. I plan to be a regular customer, and can’t recommend Attention2Detail highly enough.

Peter S.

I am so impressed with finished results of my wife’s Lexus RX330. Paul has the knowledge and commitment to go “above and beyond” any other previous automobile detail that I have ever experienced.

Put me down as a returning highly-satisfied customer.

Chris B.

Paul’s work on my Mercedes SLK was amazing. When he was done, it was showroom ready both inside and out; it has never looked so good. All my wife could say was “WOW!” and people walking by often take a moment to tell me how good the car looks.

Scott Mayer.

Attention 2 Detail recently did a full paint correction and detail of my 2008 BMW 550i. I have had several “professional detailers” work on the car. The work cannot even be considered in the same category as Attention 2 Detail. I am still amazed at how the paint just pops now; it is like a different car, like brand new! The before and after pictures tell the story…see for yourself in the gallery. Truly amazing work, the owner does all the work himself, and I cannot recommend him enough.

If you care about your investment and want your vehicle to look as good as you feel about it, Attention 2 Detail is your only option. The value I received was well worth the investment and unmatched in my opinion. Great work Paul and thank you!!!


I was referred to Paul from a friend who has a high end vehicle and was told about the impressive work that Paul does on detailing his cars. I was first impressed with the immediate response of how fast Paul could get my company car in to be detailed. Next was the very reasonable pricing!I have my company car detailed 4-5 times a year and have paid over $300 each time at locations all over the Portland and Vancouver area. Paul’s pricing was less, which brings me to my last point. When I received my car back I was amazed with the quality of Paul’s work! The black paint shined like it did when I drove the car away from the dealership if not better! The interior looked brand new even after having many work clients, not to mention my younger messy kids in the car all the time! I almost didn’t even want to drive the car it looked so damn good!!

Again this is a Ford Explorer company car, not a Mercedes! Paul you have earned my business and I can’t say enough of how impressed I am with the work you did on my car. Thanks again, and will be back in the next three months to get the car detailed again.

Jeff Pulicella

I had Paul detail the interior and exterior on my 2006 Audi A4. I had a show coming up, but did not have time to give the car the proper care and attention that it needed. Let me just say that Paul blew me away with the results. His true knowledge of the products and techniques really shined through his work. The car looked better than it ever had inside and out.

I will continue to bring my car to Paul and Automotive Detailing for years to come.

Trent Striplin

Paul at Attention 2 Detail lives up to his claims about how seriously he takes detailing cars. Took my S4 to him after he cleared his personal schedule to accommodate my last minute request.

Paul always goes the distance to keep his customer happy, he even took the time to drop me off at my work and then return when i left my phone in the car.

I am totally satisfied with Paul’s work, my car looks 1000 times better then when i dropped it off. Paul’s attention to detail is incredible. I was able to fall in love with my car all over again and discover a body line that i didnt really knew existed.

Thanks again Paul!

Eric K

I am very particular with my cars. I try to do all work on them myself, whether it is maintenance or detailing. It has been my experience that most people these days only do enough to just get by and don’t really take pride in their work. Most don’t really care about their own car, let alone someone else’s.

I recently purchased a 2013 Toyota 4Runner, and wanted to get it detailed and protected, however with a 2 year old, and twins on the way, I no longer have time to do it myself. Luckily I was able to find Paul. After talking to him for about 1 hour, I knew he was someone I could trust with my $37k 4Runner.

Paul is a perfectionist, and doesn’t settle for anything less. He uses the best Products, Tools, and Techniques. I can tell he has a true passion for detailing, and really takes pride in his work.

Since my 4Runner’s paint was pretty much new, I was mostly interested in Paul’s Ceramic Coating for protection. When I went to pick up my 4Runner, I was amazed on how much he had improved it! It looks way better then I could have ever imagined! Not only was it’s finish flawless, but its gloss was so much more in-depth than before. I never knew paint could look that good! Words or pictures don’t even begin to describe how good my paint looks now!

Paul went way above and beyond what we had even talked about doing. He even took care of the minor details, that most others would skip, like Door Jams, Wheels (Removed to Detail/Coat the inside and outside), and Wheel Wells! Paul put a lot of hard work and time into my car, to make sure it would be perfect, and it shows! Not only that, but he also spent a lot of time with me to answer all of my questions, and give me advice on how to maintain my 4Runner’s finish.

Paul is the only detailer I would ever consider using, and one of the few people I would trust my vehicle with. Also, my Dad was so impressed with Paul work, that he is having Paul detail his car as well!

Thank You Paul, for the amazing work you have done on my 4Runner!

Andy M.

It’s been about a month since I picked up my car from Paul after a full paint correction on my 2001.5 Audi S4 in Nogaro blue. I’ve proudly owned and maintained this car for almost 4 years and treat it with the utmost care and scrutiny. I can say, without hesitation, that Paul’s work is second to none.

Weeks prior to contacting Paul, I had an interior and exterior detail done by a local PDX shop and was not satisfied with the work. After speaking with him, he informed me that some shops use fillers which are only temporary fixes for external imperfections in the paint – these fillers typically disappear after a wash. Needless to say, I was eager to have the work done properly.
Paul’s professionalism, meticulous nature, knowledge, and passion for automotive detailing are the reasons that I will continue to refer family and peers, as well as bring my own cars back for maintenance and upkeep.
Paul was very open and up front about the procedures and materials he’d be using which was helpful in making my decision for what service I wanted to go with.
To this day, people continue to ask if the car’s been repainted because of the new life that it’s been given. Whether it’s for a detail or full paint correction, I wouldn’t think twice about who I’d want to work with.

I highly recommend Paul and look forward to scheduling my next detail with him!

Jahan B.

I brought my 2013 Audi A4 to Attention 2 Detail after owning it for eight months. As a car enthusiast and perfectionist, I thought I had been maintaining my car correctly; however after a quick evaluation of the exterior condition, Paul was able to clearly identify the flaws in the appearance and exactly how it would be perfected. Throughout the whole process I was blown away by Paul’s attention to detail (no pun intended). He was determined to correct every flaw, both big and small, and come the time he was finished, my car looked better than the day I took delivery. Now not only does the paint look phenomenal, it feels amazing. If you have a passion for cars like I do and simply want the best, I strongly recommend the spectacular work from Attention to Detail NW.

Danielle O.