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Our Detailing Services

Attention to Detail NW provides quality and professional auto detailing service to Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR; and the greater metro areas.



Our Detailing Services

No matter the monetary value of your vehicle, every single one is given the same amount of attention and care as the rest. Any and all of our packages provide a very safe, very results based driven approach to bring your vehicle up to its potential that you are ready to put into it. Below is a list of the services we offer to meet your needs.

“Maintenance” Package (service provided after a new car prep or paint correction level detail)

  • Hand-wash using proper methods to ensure no defects induced into the paint
  • Wheels and barrels cleaned
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Tires dressed
  • Vacuum interior
  • Interior and Exterior glass cleaned
  • Interior surfaces wiped down (gauges, panels, controls)

“Enhancement” Package

  • Hand-wash (same as above)
  • Wheels and inner barrels cleaned to remove built-up brake dust and dirt
  • Wheel wells cleaned
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Tires dressed using water-based dressing (non-greasy, non-fling)
  • Vacuum interior
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned
  • Interior hard surfaces wiped down
  • Application of wax to exterior paint (2-4 months protection)

“Attention 2 Detail” Package

  • Everything included in the “Enhancement” package above plus a decontamination step prior to a polishing step that will bring out the gloss and depth of your paint. This step will remove very light defects and any “hazing” (oxidation) that has occurred on your paint.
  • Carpets are steam cleaned
  • Engine compartment cleaned
  • Leather/upholstery cleaned
  • Exhaust tips cleaned
  • Exterior trim cleaned and dressed
  • Paint Sealant applied instead of wax to give you around 6 months of protection

New Car Prep

Contrary to what many may believe, new cars do have a need for being properly prepped straight off the dealership lot or truck. You have to take into consideration the long transportation methods that exist to get that vehicle to its destination. Whether by railway or truck, the vehicle is exposed to elements that bond to your paint and can be very harmful on today’s clear coats. We have a very safe way of removing these harmful contaminants to ensure that your vehicle is in optimal condition to bring your vehicle to the level of standard in which a new vehicle should be in. Dealerships also play a role here as in many cases their “detailing departments” are not up to spec and can often do more damage than good. This is where defects on the paint can arise as lack of knowledge, time, and profitability can be crucial to the condition in which one receives their vehicle. These defects will be removed by modern, safe, polishing technology that will restore the condition to its original form.  Additionally, everything in the above “Attention 2 Detail” package is addressed as well.

(*Note* this is a great time to take advantage of one of our paint protection plans such as Opti-Coat Pro.)

“The Prestige” Package

This package is a step up with giving you everything that the “Attention 2 Detail” package provides, plus you are getting a paint correction step which will be removing 50-70% of defects from your paint.


Additionally, all jambs are protected as well. If you want a major improvement to the way your paint looks especially in the sun, then this is the package for you.

“The Ultimate” Package

The Ultimate package is for the enthusiast with a passionate automotive soul. If you are someone who really cares about their investment and wants it looking its absolute best, then this is the package for you.


Everything in the “Attention 2 Detail” package is provided along with a very labor intensive process of paint correction that will remove 90-100% of defects and all jambs protected.


(Dependent upon safely removing defects if sufficient amount of clear coat still present on vehicle)

Wheels Off cleaning/ Restoration

  • Gyeon Quartz

    Gyeon Quartz

    Attention2Detail NW is Vancouver, WA ’s only Gyeon Quartz Certified Pro Detailing Facility.

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  • CQuartz Finest

    CQuartz Finest

    CQ FINEST is the most exclusive automotive surface protection in the world!

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  • OptiCoat


    Opti-Coat is not a paint protection wax or sealant that will wash away, or break down over time.

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